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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Equinox 67 date

Equinox 67 is scheduled for 22 September 2018, at the usual location.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Equinox 66

Equinox 66 was held in Berkeley on March 17, 2018.

Theme: Road Trip

Name tags: Truck stop order (Barbara Selfridge / Banterweight)
Wall games: Acrostic (Pam Hampton)
    Nation cryptics (Henri Picciotto and Joshua Kosman / Hot and Trazom)
    Trippin' Out (Dwight Freund / Dandr)

Mixer: Word Ladder (Roger Wolff)
Creative game: License Plate Stories (NeilFred Picciotto / Renfield)
Paper-pencil puzzle: Interstate Roadtrip! (Andrew Chaikin, Bill, Judah)
Performance game: Spoonbenders (Myles Nye / Owler)
Pencil-paper game: (Todd McClary / T McAy)
Megagame: Hitchhiking (Rick Rubenstein and Joshua Kosman / Rubrick and Trazom)

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Acrostic, a wall game from Equinox 66, by Pam Hampton.

Clues | Solution
Grid | Solution

Trippin' Out

Trippin' Out, a wall game from Equinox 66, by Dwight Freund (Dandr)

Monday, March 19, 2018

License Plate Stories

A creative game from Equinox 66: License Plate Stories, by NeilFred Picciotto (Renfield)

Friday, March 16, 2018

Interstate Roadtrip!

A paper-pencil puzzle from Equinox 66: Interstate Roadtrip! by Andrew Chaiken, Bill, and Judah.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Equinox 66

Equinox 66 ("Road Trip") is scheduled for March 17, 2018.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Equinox 65

The 65th Semi-Annual Word Games Party was held in Berkeley on 16 September 2017.

Theme: Retirement / Social / Security

Name tags: by Mariko Soto and Vynce Montgomery
Wall games:
    Acrostic and criss-cross puzzles by Pam Hampton
    Nation cryptics by Henri Picciotto and Joshua Kosman (Hot and Trazom)

Mixer: Secure and Insecure, by Jon Zingman and Ann Daniels (Plaid and Iolanthe)
Small group performance game: Un-Phased, by NeilFred Picciotto (Renfield)
Paper-pencil puzzle: Leif the Viking and Leaf the Vegan, by Dean Howard (Shrdlu)
Small group paper-pencil activity: Pass the Word, by Erin Rhode (Colossus)
Pencil-paper game: Secret Stuff, by Andrew Chaikin (Murdoch)
Paper-pencil puzzle: Social Security Words, by Henri Picciotto (Hot)
Whole-room game: Not that one, the other one! by Rick Rubenstein (Rubrick)

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Un-Phased, a small group performance game from Equinox 65, by NeilFred Picciotto (Renfield)

A cluing and guessing game for groups of 6-8 or so, to be played in three phases. Cluing gets easier in each progressive phase.

With six players: for each round, choose one player to be the guesser; the other five are cluers. Each cluer gets a different constraint sheet. The round will consist of three 30-second phases; each sheet specifies a constraint for each of the three phases. Between rounds, you can shuffle and/or flip over the constraint sheets however you like.

To begin the round, the guesser draws an answer card and holds it up so the cluers can all see it (but the guesser themself cannot see it). Start the timer for Phase One. Cluers give clues in any order, each limited by their own Phase One constraint, which limits their clues to words that begin with one specific letter. After 30 seconds, start the timer over for Phase Two, and now each cluer has one or two more starting letters available for their clue words. Finally, start the timer again for Phase Three, and now each cluer has a total of five starting letters available – in this phase, every letter but "X" is available to some cluer.

Any time the guesser correctly guesses their word, they draw another answer card, and the cluers continue cluing according to the constraints of the current phase. Early on, if you're stuck and cluers are having trouble coming up with more clues under the current constraints, the guesser can draw a second answer card, and maybe come back to the first one in a later phase.

To accommodate more than six players, consider having two players guessing, and/or two cluers using opposite sides of the same constraint sheet.

Answers – 200 word cards that can be printed on 10-per-page business cards such as Avery template 8371. Of course you can also just cut them out of regular paper, but note that you don't want the guesser to be able to see the answer through the sheet.

Constraints – Cut the sheets in half the long way (as indicated) and then fold each sheet in half (as indicated). If you're making multiple sets of sheets, you can do it double-sided by printing the second copy on the backs of the first, and then cut along both the "cut" and "fold" lines; just make sure that you print the backs so that after cutting them out, the opposite sides of each sheet have the same Phase Three letters as each other.